Minggu, 13 Desember 2015

Edition 2

assalamualikum :)) 

already edition he wrote ya, thanks for the friends who always help me with feedback and suggestions for bellae_pearl. bellae_pearl each of its sessions only produce a maximum of 2 scores to maintain exclusivity and uniqueness of its design from the other. 7 design in this second edition. more the theme of scenery this time.

*ranging from country landscape.

*country landscape color or black and white.

*a beautiful view of the river spilled in a pashmina.

*with a touch of golden reed thatch beautify black pashmina.

*wolf grim create new colors for the user to look more boyish pashmina.

*pineapple add cheerful color your day with a pattern that is in the pineapple into pashmina.

*no less funny banana with such deliberate color in the brush and the pattern of bananas placed on one side of the pashmina.

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Minggu, 29 November 2015




Bellae in the French language ' belle ' means a beautiful woman and Pearl in English and French ' Pearle ' berartikan pearls. I hope that designs and products in the Pearl Bellae can create the image of a pearl hidden beauty with an elegant impression .
Bellae pearl is Muslim fashion products such as pashmina with shiffon materials and pattern designs its own unique because it is designed by the method of printing to this phasmina . Phasmina pattern design is suitable in use adolescents and adults who have a sense of fashion that is fun, unique and exclusive .

six pattern for first collection bellae_pearl
One of the seven wonders of the ancient world are in Indonesia , really proud to wear this motif .

ancient tools like the ax that is so unique to be a motive . 

-i'm moslem
pride with being a Muslim , especially Muslim women who use the hijab

flamingo symbolizes an elegant woman

panda is an animal that is very funny with black and white feathers 

The blueprint in us all..


contact us :
ig : bellae_pearl
line : bellae23
email : bellae.pearl23@gmail.com